SafePark 2.0

A brand new parking experience

Data-based and parking time-based business models

The vehicle becomes the central customer interface

You are the master of your data

A brand new parking experience

SafePark digitalizes parking, enabling a completely new parking experience full of added extras.

SafePark provides a brand new parking experience, including:

• Simple parking reservations with just 2 clicks

• Parking overview with real-time prices

• Transparent pricing

• Digital tickets (which can‘t be lost)

• In App payments and billing

• Additional local services

SafePark can‘t do the parking for you, but can transform it to a most simple and rewarding experience.

SafePark is myData enabled! The customer

can control and manage the flow of their

data at any time, thus allowing them to create

their own personal parking experience!

This is SafePark 2.0


Dr. Stephan Melzer
CEO + Innovator
Sebastian Pawlowsky
Business Architect & Chief Innovator
Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka
Chief Digital Officer
Dr. Markus Ketterl
Innovation & Strategy


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