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Data-centric business models

Clear roles

Controlled flow of data

Data-centric business models

myData allows digital business models to be created while simultaneously ensuring data sovereignty and transparency for the customer.

We establish clear roles

New, data-centric business models only work when there is a clear separation of data generator, data owner and data user.

  • The data generator produces the data and can, e.g., be a human, sensor or even a machine
  • The data owner has control over the data - the simplest example of an owner is an individual
  • The data user could, e.g., be the provider of value added services

Functional scope

  • Data release manager for data owners
  • Broker of legitimate data exchanges
  • A secure data storage location

This is myData


Dr. Stephan Melzer
CEO + Innovator
Sebastian Pawlowsky
Business Architect & Chief Innovator
Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka
Chief Digital Officer


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