Digital transformation in the office

Automatic working place configuration

Mobile desk

Saves time and money

Fully automated

EasyOffice helps users quickly find a workspace and then customize it to their needs - fully automated and no time-consuming searches.

A desk in 3 steps

EasyOffice finds and customizes workspaces in 3 easy steps:

  • Scan cooperate ID card
  • Choose and reserve a desk
  • Check in and out on site

A hand movement, a click and you’re done!


  • No time-consuming search for a desk
  • Configuration based on your personal profile
  • Central record-keeping of office occupancies makes it easy to find people
  • Efficient use of office costs and capacities

This is easyoffice


Dr. Stephan Melzer
CEO + Innovator
Sebastian Pawlowsky
Business Architect & Chief Innovator
Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka
Chief Digital Officer


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