e-mobile CHECKER

The electric car for your pocket.

Brand independent

Tailor-made solution

You are the master of your data

The electric car for your pocket

The e-mobile CHECKER answers the three most important questions about e-mobility:

  • How many of my trips can be made electrically? 
  • Which class of vehicle is right for me? 
  • Which charging infrastructure do I need?

3 steps to e-mobility

  1. Start the e-mobile CHECKER
  2. Get in your car or on your bike, bus or train and start your trip
  3. Press the stop button at the end of your trip

The e-mobile CHECKER immediately determines which class of vehicle and charging infrastructure would best meet your needs.

Find out for yourself whether e-mobility is right for you.

Download the e-mobile CHECKER for free!

No advertisment or hidden costs.

You are the master of your data

All data remains on your phone and you are the only one who decides if and with whom you share your information, such as with a car dealership to get a personalized quote.

Download the e-mobile CHECKER for free - you have it in your hand!

This is e-mobile CHECKER


Dr. Stephan Melzer
CEO + Innovator
Sebastian Pawlowsky
Business Architect & Chief Innovator
Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka
Chief Digital Officer


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